Junior Eve Danish to Release her Debut Musical Feature

Junior Eve Danish describes her journey as a signer-songwriter and the debut of “cross your mind.”


Hillary Johnson, Contributer

Much of the student body was wowed by the performance of artist Eve Danish at Night Rally. Eve is a junior at Bishop O’Dowd, who is passionate about writing, singing, and vocal production. She has been singing for about seven years, but claims, “I remember singing as soon as I could talk. It’s just always been my way of expressing myself, more so than talking.” The piano in her living room provided her the opportunity to begin experimenting with music at a young age, and in middle school she attended Oakland School of the Arts where she deeply pursued her musical interest. There, she joined an acapella group.

Eve describes the beginning of the songwriting process as “randomly doing something and then a melody idea pops up in my head.” She thinks of new song ideas every day and claims that she has at least forty song ideas on her phone. Eve explains, “Depending on whatever I’m going through, I’ll try putting that into lyrics, which is the hardest thing to do. I’m really into harmonies and vocal production, so I spend a lot of time mixing vocals and making different harmony build-ups and different stacks of vocals. But I definitely spend the most time on vocal production.” When asked about what inspires her songs, she responds, “It’s high school, so I’m always changing and feeling very ungrounded, and I think music is what brings me back down. I have been experiencing a lot of new emotions in these high school years, and music has definitely helped with that.”

Last year, she began recording and releasing her music, and recalls, “People were asking when I was going to drop my own music but I’ve always been too anxious to play it in front of them.” More recently, Eve has been collaborating on a song with senior Matt White, which she describes as a great experience, where “your ideas and somebody else’s just kinda come together.” To begin creating their song, Matt sent Eve a beat, where she could add her vocals. The process of making this song took approximately a year and Eve looks forward to working with other artists in the future. 

In October of 2021, Eve and Matt performed their song, “cross your mind” at Night Rally. “I hadn’t performed in a long time and I thought that it was time and I don’t know why but I decided to do it in front of my whole school,” Eve describes. When asked how she prepared for Night Rally, Eve said, “I really did not prepare because I get very nervous before performing, and especially in front of my whole school. I knew that if I messed up, people would be talking about it so it was very nerve-racking. I think the fact that I was doing it with Matt gave me a little bit of relief and comfort.” 

Eve and Matt have been working to create a music video for “cross your mind” which will be Eve’s first experience creating one. She admits that at first, she was nervous about not being in control of the artistic direction, however, she loves the final product. While describing the process of making a music video, Eve explains it as “Really just going through lyrics and seeing what colors and moods come up, and deciding on the vibe of the video, if it’s more so happy or sad, if we wanted it to have visuals, or lots of different settings. It’s kind of complicated but it was kind of like we came up with it as we went. It wasn’t all planned out.” She is excited for her audience to see the music video and says, “It’s just really cool having somebody see your song in their eyes”. “cross your mind” will be released on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud in the next couple of weeks.

Reflecting on her early musical influences, Eve recalls her love for pop music, especially by Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, and Hannah Montana. Now, she is inspired by R&B and pop, coming from people like Lennon Stella, Chase Atlantic, Kehlani, SZA, and still, Ariana Grande.

Looking forward, Eve says that she aspires to “become comfortable doing what I love doing the most. I hope that I can inspire someone with my music the way that I have been inspired and just make somebody happy.”