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Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine as a Teen: Preparations, Pain, & Side Effects

May 2, 2021

As I am a teen working in the food industry during these chaotic and stressful times, I was eligible...

College Admissions During COVID-19

May 1, 2021

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has intensified college application anxiety and procedures....

Meet Your ASB Canidates

March 23, 2021

Get to know the candidates for ASB this year!

NASA’s Newest Rover: Perseverance

Recent News Stories

Eco Leaders Take Earth Week

April 23, 2021

From April 19 to 23, Bishop O'Dowd's Eco Leaders led Earth Week, organizing fun, engaging online activities...

Outbreak of Anti-Asian Violence: Origins, Impacts, and Action

March 7, 2021

The stabbing of an Asian man in New York City’s Chinatown on February 25th sparked community demand...

In the Asian Community, Hate Crimes Taint Lunar New Year

February 19, 2021

A 91-year-old man shoved onto the street. A Filipino man slashed across the face on the subway. A Vietnamese...

The Equal Rights Amendment

Recent Politics Stories

The Debate on Statehood of DC and Puerto Rico

February 21, 2021

For many, Biden's Inauguration was a long-awaited sigh of relief. However, the Inauguration of Vice President...

A New Student-Led Organization: ImpactZ

February 7, 2021

With the many global and social issues in our world today, there has been an increase in the need to...

Trump Impeached Twice, What Does That Mean?

February 1, 2021

In January, President Donald Trump became the first president in American history to be impeached twice....

Black People are the True Face of Y2K
Black People are the True Face of Y2K
Ify Nneji, Contributor • May 7, 2021

The year 2000, or Y2K, was a year filled with excitement. The Playstation 2 was released, scientists detected the human genome, Vladimir Putin...

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