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The Controversy of RBG’s Replacement, Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Recent News Stories

Extreme Heatwave Hit California Due to Climate Change

September 13, 2020

While climate change in California is generally not apparent from summer to winter, a recent heatwave...

Climate Change Increases Dangers for Oakland’s Fire Response

August 28, 2020

Since the thunderstorm on Monday, large fires have been ravaging California, with no pause in sight....

O’Dowd Protectors: Changing O’Dowd’s Culture?

Recent Features Stories

Going to the ER During COVID-19 is Not as Scary as you Think

September 16, 2020

One would imagine that an emergency room is a coronavirus hotspot, making it virtually impossible to...

How “Wakanda Forever” Will Last A Legacy

September 14, 2020

“Wakanda Forever” is a phrase that many have come to know. It is a statement full of empowerment,...

O’Dowd Freshmen and the Struggle with Social Interaction

September 4, 2020

Bishop O’Dowd Freshmen have had struggles with starting off a new, momentous chapter in their life through a screen. However, Dragon Lairs are here to help!

The Controversy of RBG’s Replacement, Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Recent Politics Stories

Notorious RBG & Her Legacy

September 23, 2020

On Friday, September 18th, 2020, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died from complications of...

8 Ways to Stay Politically Active During COVID-19

September 17, 2020

Even for the most politically motivated and interested, quarantine restrictions have made it more challenging...

Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris: Enough to Attract Key Voters?

August 28, 2020

As an apparent appeal to young and minority voters, on August 11, 2020, presidential candidate Joe Biden...

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