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Fresh Faces: New Faculty at O’Dowd

Jayce Goree, Associate Dean of Students

As Bishop O’Dowd enters the new 2023-2024 school year, the community welcomes not just Freshmen and transfers, but also several new faculty members. This year, approximately one in three faculty members are new to the Dragon community, in positions including president, dean of students, and academic coordinator. So, as Dragons adjust to the new school year and get back into school routines, there are a few additions to Bishop O’Dowd faculty that deserve a proper introduction.

Joining Ms. Donahue as Associate Dean of Students is Jayce Goree. Before coming to O’Dowd, Mr. Goree worked at Oakland High School as a case manager for 13 years. Mr. Goree commented, “As an Oakland native, I always knew O’Dowd to be a top institution of education in the Bay Area.” Mr. Goree noted that he is looking forward to learning about and meeting the student body. “I want to help advise students through education and life experiences that I’ve had, since being a teenager and being an adult,” he added. As for the coming school year, Mr. Goree is very excited to become a participating member of the O’Dowd community and is looking forward to O’Dowd’s main events, such as Homecoming, Prom, drama shows, and music performances. So far, Mr. Goree’s favorite part of O’Dowd is the fantastic food and the large variety of lunch options. Welcome to Bishop O’Dowd, Mr. Goree!

Another new faculty member is Michael Aquino, the new Associate Principal of Athletics and Student Services. Mr. Aquino worked at Bishop O’Dowd back in 2006, and is very excited to be a Dragon again. When he left Bishop O’Dowd, Mr. Aquino joined the police force, stating, “I wanted to be a different perspective in the culture of policing.” Eventually, he decided to return to education at De La Salle High School, where he taught criminal justice. Now at O’Dowd, he has been impressed with what Bishop O’Dowd has done in the past decade, such as advancing education, creating new programs, and providing unique services. Mr. Aquino explained, “O’Dowd does what other schools aspire to do.” He believes  strongly in the O’Dowd charism of “finding God in all things,” and is inspired by how the school really sees good in every student. Mr. Aquino’s favorite part of O’Dowd is the ebb and flow of the students in the halls and the overall energy of the kids. “We are blessed with the setting that we have… I love being able to look out on the bay from the living lab… The energy all around campus,” Mr. Aquino highlighted. Mr. Aquino seems just as excited to be a part of Bishop O’Dowd as community is to welcome him back to the school!

Last but certainly not least, Kim Walsh is joining O’Dowd as the president. Ms. Walsh has always been involved in the Bishop O’Dowd community. She is the mother of three Bishop O’Dowd alumni, who graduated in ‘14, ‘16, and ‘19, and through this, she quickly became a prominent member of the community. Before becoming president this year, Ms. Walsh was on the board of regents, was interim president in 2018, and led the construction of the Cummins Center. “Since 2010, as a new O’Dowd parent, I fell in love with the school and started volunteering, and when the opportunity came to put my name in the hat, I thought it was the honor of a lifetime to keep serving the community and school that I love,” Ms. Walsh noted. Furthermore, Ms. Walsh loves the school’s campus, expressing, “I love the safety and community that we have built here in these 20 acres, and the vista points where you can find peace and tranquility and dream big about what is outside of the campus.” Finally, she encourages everyone to find their place in the community. There is something for everyone and she loved it when each of her kids found their place, so her wish for O’Dowd students, is to find their own. Bishop O’Dowd is delighted to have you, Ms. Walsh!

It seems that this school year is off to a great start, and there is no doubt that Mr. Goree, Mr. Aquino, Ms. Walsh, and all other new faculty will be a welcome addition to the Bishop O’Dowd.

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Maya Udkow
Maya Udkow, Contributor
Maya Udkow is 16 years old and currently a junior at Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland, California. Maya went to Redwood Day for middle school, where she participated in the class council and the Jewish club. At Bishop O'Dowd, she is a member of the Jewish club, is a class representative, and is passionate about being an active member of her community. She is creative and artistic and loves drawing, painting, and writing; she has taken art classes for ten years and has even written her own books. In her free time, Maya loves spending time with her friends, doing art, reading, walking her dog, and exploring Northern California.

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    Bella MakeigSep 11, 2023 at 10:44 am

    This was so informative and interesting to read. Good Job Maya!