Chat GPT: Ruining our education system or adding to it?

Chat GPT: Ruining our education system or adding to it?

Martine Ibarra, Contributor

Generative Pretrained Transformer, also known as Chat GPT, is an artificial intelligence chatbot that gives you the ability to ask simple or complex questions and get useful answers and information. Rather than researching the question or topic you are trying to gain knowledge on, you can get an immediate response in under 30 seconds by texting a chatbot.

In the past few months, the program has increased in student usage and the number continues to surge as the platform gains more and more popularity. Information is more accessible than ever, drawing students in during the overwhelming and busy semester. Why make life harder by searching for information all throughout the web when this platform gives you it in one response? Although this seems extremely convenient, where does this information come from and how accurate can it truly be?

This program raises ethical concerns about its potential to spread misleading information. Sure we are given quick information, but speed is not equivalent to accuracy. Just like human beings, this chatbot can make mistakes. There are no sources cited, so the information is not always provided from the most reputable sources.  In addition, all of the information given is from 2021, and in a constantly changing world, this raises more problems of authenticity. This program cannot be labeled a credible source. 

However, there are several positives to this program. We do have to admire that it is the best AI chatbot considering its exceptional versatility and performance. It helps with language tasks, translation, and other personal assistant applications. It gives students an accessible educational resource for classes where the teacher isn’t providing enough information or context. It also creates a customized learning experience. Students can ask GPT to give suggestions for essays and simplify complicated information. Teachers can’t help their students all the time and although they have emails, most teachers take hours outside of school to respond. Chat GPT, on the other hand, is with you 24/7. Rather than looking at this platform with a plagiarism outlook, maybe both teachers can step back and understand the benefits of it as well.  

Can Chat GPT also help teachers? Chat GPT can be used to generate multiple-choice questions for tests and provide good examples of writing for essays or assignments. It can also generate class discussion questions and feedback for essays. As much as teachers want to go against this platform, wouldn’t it make their life easier as well? 

There is not a simple answer to if the pros of chat GPT outweigh the cons of it, but we should not try and ban it, but rather understand its limitations and intelligence. We have to acknowledge it can both hurt and benefit our education system.