Ground Breaking or Boring?

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Lamya Harrell, Contributer

Several spectators and fans agreed that the Super Bowl halftime performance on Super Bowl Sunday was among the most professionally put together in the game’s history. Some halftime performances are a crazy mash-up of special guest appearances and set changes. Without any musical assistance, this year, Rihanna performed her classics in a seamless performance that capitalized on the star’s natural charisma. During the thirteen minute performance, Rihanna and the other performers descended from long, floating platforms that were illuminated by LED lights and danced. The stage was transported onto the field by fifteen carts, each of which contained platforms measuring 10 by 17.5 feet and 512 lights that flashed in time with Rihanna’s performance. From camera operators to the eighty dancers that surrounded the stage, the show required almost 800 staff. It will be remembered as one of the most technologically sophisticated Super Bowl halftime performances ever. Along with her comeback to the stage, Rihanna made news by announcing during the performance that she was expecting her second child. In May 2022, she gave birth to a son with her partner and the popular rapper, A$AP Rocky. She performed the entire time while wearing only red, revealing her growing stomach. Later, the singer paid respect to Andr√© Leon Talley, the recently departed fashion and social media icon, by donning an enormous red coat.¬†

The Super Bowl halftime performance typically focuses on thrilling moments and climax-like reveals. On the one hand, many people agree that Rihanna’s performance during the Super Bowl halftime show was outstanding. Her voice and on-stage personality were both quite engaging. She was extremely energized and performative despite being pregnant. The show featured amazing dancers who perfectly matched their movements to the music. Many people found it particularly entertaining when she mentioned her own business, FENTY Beauty. Hailey Hayes, a former cheerleader, said of Rihanna: “She’s just that girl.” Yet, some fans have criticized Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance, calling it “boring” in some cases. Despite the pageantry, several fans voiced their disapproval of her performance on social media. Of course, a lot of people appreciated it at first, but as the show continued, “it felt anticlimactic,” according to Nyah Greenwood. Some were also disappointed by her omission of hits like “Pon de Replay.” Ultimately, there are a variety of ways Rihanna’s performance will be remembered, although many people are of the opinion that she will always be a legend.