State of Quietude


Julia Larson and Ava Harrison

We think it is important to acknowledge that everyone needs some quiet within the chaos. We know everyone is constantly busy with school, work, and family priorities, but it is important to take space from all the buzz. We all get wrapped up in our social life, and it may not be your first concern to take time for yourself to be in a quiet, peaceful place, but without it, you get stuck in all the cacophony. Chaos brings stress, expectations, and disappointments. Noise pollution may seem invisible to the eye, but it is a major factor in one’s physical and mental health.

Sound is measured through decibels. A decibel higher than 85 harms an individual’s ear. Wildlife depends on sound – they use it to find mates, navigate their way, find food, and keep from predators. With the noise pollution growing in their environments, it’s harder to hear their natural surroundings, which jeopardizes their survival rates. 

Noise pollution isn’t just bad for wildlife but also for us humans. When humans are bombarded by noise, it becomes overstimulating and can lead to disorder in the mind. Noise pollution can negatively affect health, such as causing heart attacks, abnormal blood pressure, stress, and insomnia. It is shown that quietude, on the other hand, can promote a better atmosphere of mental health for those dealing with stress. To center yourself and bring your heart rate down is calming and grounding. Silence has been shown to be incredibly therapeutic and almost medicinal for those who indulge in it. “Silence is the universal refuge, the sequel to all dull discourses and all foolish acts,” wrote Henry David Thoreau. Transcendental values have been carried to today as people still seek reflection and self-evaluation from nature. The benefits of stillness and silence for us are unexpectedly medicinal.  

“Silence is the think tank of the soul, All religions share and revere silence.” … Whenever I come back from an assignment documenting a quiet corner of the earth, I often notice how much clearer my mind feels. The quandaries of life seem simpler, my attention a tad sharper”( Gordon Hempton). When one has silence, your innermost thoughts and feelings can be heard. The interior space of your mind and soul can expand. You can develop insights, deep reflection, and listen to your truth. Without the distraction of noise and manmade objects, one can really take a look inward to develop and reflect. Silence gives us the chance to explore our thoughts with clarity and promote a different perspective. Those who spend time in quietude can even approach challenges with calmness. 

So, in this modern day, with the increasingly industrialized, urbanized, and just genuinely loud society, it is crucial to find some quiet in relation to your lifestyle, whether it is sitting in your room on your phone or sitting outside in a non populated area. There are possible ways to combat the consequences that stem from noise pollution.

Here are some of our favorite Podcasts that silence out the daily buzz and teach us to find time for silence, meditation, and relaxation.