Super Bowl 56


The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, and with Super Bowl 57 taking place in Glendale Arizona the tension between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles were high. The chiefs were led by 1x super bowl champion and 3x MVP Patrick Mahomes, paring up against Jaylen Hurts, a 1x national champ. Going into the super bowl both teams had a 14-3 record, recording 14 wins and 3 loses. The chiefs pervasively lost super bowl I and LV.This was the Eagles fourth super bowl appearance perviously winning super bowl LII.

Going into halftime the Eagles were up 24-14, and in the 2nd half the chiefs would go on a crazy comeback to win the game 38-35 after a clutch field goal kicked by Harrison Butker. The total score of 73 combined points is the third most in super bowl history. And the Eagles 35 points was the most points scored for a losing team. With the Super Bowl there is also the highly anticipated half time show, and this year is was highly wanted Rihanna. With Rihanna performance, she would also go on to announce her second pregnancy with the rapper Asap Rocky. Rihanna performance has been argued to be the-best of all time of half time performances.

Chiefs star QB, Patrick Mahmoes would go on to win the super bowl MVP, with the statline of 182 yards, three touchdowns, and 6 times rushes. Opposing teams QB, Jalen Hurts went on to have the statline of 304 yards, one passing touchdown, and 3 running touchdowns. Arguably people would go on to say even with the Eagles loss, Jalen should have one the mvp due to his crazy performance. Leading up to the Super Bowl, 3 years before the year it would happen, the NFL would start the process of creating the field. This process would take the entire 3 years to create and would spend 24 hours in the sun, and then would be put into a controlled facility during the night. Even with these intense rules and effort towards making the field as good as possible, after the Super Bowl and Eagles offensive lineman Jordon Mailata said that the conditions were “like a water park.” Players and fans were upset about the state of the field due to how expensive it was capping at around 800,000 dollars to make and maintain. Eagles tight-end would go on to say that “defiantly not the reason we lost the game or anything… It comes down to who can handle the conditions the best.”