Spring Sports: From The Players Perspectives

Spring has sprung, and so has the sports that come along with it! Here is what the dragon athletes have to say


Raven Robinson, Contributor

Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow this year, indicating six more weeks of winter, but that not stopping spring sports from starting their season. Baseball stepped up to the plate as they began tryouts on Monday, February 6th. “It was very competitive. A lot of people showed up to tryouts,” Junior first base player, David Blair commented. The Dragons headed to Marin Catholic for their first game the following Saturday. Despite their loss, the Dragons learned a lot and grew as a team. “It’s a great way to get to know your teammates and see how you are going to play this season,” David Blair commented on Marin Catholic. “As a returner last year, we had a pretty small roster; this year, we have a pretty big roster, and it is good to see we have a lot of pitchers who can throw strikes,” Ben Skiles, their Junior catcher, said excitedly.

Women’s Rugby headed out to Robertson Park to kick off their season at the annual Kick off Tournament. The Kick off Tournament, commonly referred to as KOT, is a fruitful tradition to kick off the season. “The best part of KOT is hanging out with all the other teams. I feel like girls rugby isn’t well known to a lot of people, so it’s really fun being around people who share the same love for the sport,” reported Senior captain Ryan Williams. The lady Dragons went 2-1 over the weekend against stiff club competition. “My favorite team to play this weekend was definitely the EPA Razor Hawks; they have an intensity that I love and reminds me of my club team. It was a hard-hitting game with amazing scores and support, and in the end, we all sat in a circle with them and sang and danced and complemented each others playing styles,” backs Captain Taylor Cohen beamed.

Girl’s lacrosse began their tryouts on February 6th, along with baseball. The bittersweet taste of a new season washes over the returners as they feel the absence of their nine graduated seniors. They are still on the up and up, as their loss of upperclassmen is also an opportunity for new players to shine. “It was sad to lose our seniors last year, we had strong, consistent players, but it is exciting to see players starting for the first time and Juniors stepping up,” said Senior captain, Danica Terk. The girl’s lacrosse team has high expectations for themselves because they are aware of the talent they have. “I am super excited to play with all my teammates, and I’m really hopeful that we can win WACC again!” Said Junior returner, Jordan Crum.

The start of spring brings the beginning of aquatic sports. Men’s Swimming is off to a great start looking to repeat as WACC champions. Senior, Nathan Rogers believes, “participating in a spring sport [means] being able to finish the school year off with a championship season for my sport. Also, the warm weather definitely makes the sport of swimming more enjoyable. “The best part about being a swimmer is the experiences and the competition.” Israel Gonzalez would know, being a Varsity swimmer since Freshman year.

Girls and Boys Track and Field is one of the season’s most well-known sports. From the outside, it may look impossible for such a big group of people to be friends, but the assumptions are false. As Senior, Tonia Bauerlein-Kelly states, “we support and treat each other like family more than ever. Also, doing repeat 200s and hills for months tends to bring a group closer. I really feel honored to be the captain of such amazing and talented freshmen, sophomores, and juniors” Track and Field are more than a sport. They are a family. The tight-knit bond between the athletes has fostered the continued success of the track and field team.

Good luck to all Dragon athletes this season!