What are O’Dowd students hoping to get this holiday season?

Insight into what is at the top of our students wishlists!

What are O’Dowd students hoping to get this holiday season?

Mia Stillman, Contributor

To gather insight into what O’Dowd students really want under their tree this year, I sent out a google form to a variety of students, ranging from 9th – 12th grade. The form consisted of 4 questions, asking the recipient’s name and grade, the holiday they celebrate, what is on their wishlist, and the type of gift they like to receive the most. 

The question, “what kind of gifts do you like to receive the most?” revealed a clear winner: clothes/shoes took up a whopping 60% of the pie chart!

Looking at the more specific, open-ended question, “what is on your wish list this year?” an interesting range of potential gifts falling under the category of clothes/shoes was provided, ranging from “grandpa” sweaters to skull patterned shirts. What a variety! In terms of shoes, multiple people shared that they are hoping for Uggs, a classic 2010s look, now coming back with the new and trendy Tasman slippers. Yana Rawson, a senior and Journey’s shoe store employee can attest that “everyone is getting Uggs for the holidays, for real.” Converse, Doc Martens, and even Mary Janes, also seem to be a theme amongst those hoping for shoes this holiday season. As for clothes, puffer jackets and vests are an apparent must-have for the chilly months to come. Funky, frilly, and fuzzy socks are also a theme, pairing well with the popular answer of pajamas or sweatpants. Seems like O’Dowd students are ready to be cozy and bundled this winter break! When it comes to accessories, many people are hoping for jewelry, more specifically, rings, hoops, “a cute pair of earrings” and even jewelry made out of clay. One student most specifically is hoping for lace gloves and “big white hair bows.”

Surprisingly enough, the second most common gift category that people are hoping for is books, taking up 20% of the pie chart! One person in particular said they had a spreadsheet with over 54 books on it! Another student said they wanted A Gateway to Sindarin: A Grammar of an Elvish Language, a guide to the elvish dialects from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. 

The third biggest group on the chart, taking up 16%, is beauty products like makeup, skincare, and perfume. One student is hoping for lip liner and blush from Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez’s makeup brand that has been trending on TikTok. Mascara and graphic eyeliner are also popular among the responses. Lastly for the makeup category, the classy and expensive “Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil” is definitely at the top of someones wish list. As for skincare products, nothing was specified but you can trust our Dragons will start the new year with a fresh glow! In fact, I’m guessing many dragons will return from break, flaunting their new Hydro-Star pimple patches. 

Lastly, 4% of the pie chart was taken up by the sport / outdoor category, referring to sports equipment and wear, however, the only specific gift listed within this category was a student hoping for weights. While the tech section got 0 votes, headphones, including noise-canceling ones, were very popular. While I’m not sure if these would fall under the tech category, a record player, records, different types of cameras, and even an old-school cassette stereo were all listed. Some dragons are feeling retro!  In terms of gifts outside of the provided categories, a candle, Squishmallows, a heated blanket, and knitting supplies, (various responses combined) would go together nicely for a winter night in! Other students hoped for experiences, such as tickets to a concert or a play. I always think this is a great thing to ask for! Lastly, the basic yet classic answer of gift cards and money was definitely noted.  However, I think the sweetest gift response of all is: “Quality family time.”