Binge-Worthy Shows for Your Boring Break

Netflix recommendations to fill up your time during this winter break


Nayeli Reyna, Contributor

Got any plans for this winter break? If the answer is no, then I have a fun time-consuming activity for you: binge-watching! Whether it’s a brand-new show or something you have seen a dozen times, everyone loves to sit around and binge something entertaining from time to time. As break continues, we students are left thinking about how to fill our time and what shows to catch up on. Well, to make our lives easier, I have compiled a strong list of new shows and the new seasons of already-established shows that have recently been released, all ready to be binged by you!

On Netflix, Tim Burton’s Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega follows Wednesday Addams as she investigates a murder spree while making friends –and foes– at Nevermore Academy. If you are a fan of Tim Burton or a long-time lover of the Addams Family, then tune into this spooky teen spin-off! Furthermore, Netflix’s hit drama The Crown just came back with its fifth season, following Princess Diana and (now) King Charles III as their marriage slowly crumbles under the weight of infidelity, lies, and mass media attention. If you prefer a biopic mixed with theatrical drama and familial conflict, The Crown is overflowing with both. Although notoriously criticized at first, Emily in Paris surprisingly gained a more positive reputation after its second season, and the series returns for its third on December 21, 2022. The show follows Emily Cooper, an American college graduate, who moves to Paris to pursue a job opportunity at a French marketing firm. So, if comedy dramas are more to your taste, then take a look into Emily and her crazy adventures around Paris.

As for shows and movie franchises that are older yet still incredibly “binge-worthy,” there are a million different options. For instance, when asked about which shows she would be watching over break, Sarah Do ‘23 commented, “I’ll definitely be catching up on Breaking Bad.” The show focuses on Walter White, an underpaid and overqualified high school chemistry teacher, who has to survive in the complicated and corrupted world of crime. So, why not multitask and watch while you study chemistry? Additionally, famous movie franchises such as Harry Potter and Twilight are incredibly popular during the winter season and take hours to fully get through, so a day will be successfully wasted soaking in childhood nostalgia. Lastly, if you are a fan of musical theatre, begin or maybe revisit Glee, which follows a glee club run by a passionate Spanish teacher, hoping to get into the caroling spirit. Whether you are a fan of melodramas like Grey’s Anatomy or comedies like The White Lotus or even fantasies like Game of Thrones, there is a show out there waiting to be discovered and binge-watched by you!