Working Hard Paid Off: O’Dowd’s Talent on Display with Fall Musical Working

Insight into the cast members and message behind O’Dowd’s Fall production


Orelia Oiknine, Editor-in-Chief

O’Dowd’s Fall musical Working debuted on Friday, November 11, leaving audiences stunned. Under Trina Oliver’s direction, the show created unique and meaningful insight into the lives of America’s working class. The production is comprised of a collection of monologues, each performed by someone with a different occupation. Punctuated with dynamic choreography and mesmerizing vocals, Working both told an important story and entertained the O’Dowd community. 

Each student contributed to the production, either as representatives of certain professions or as members of the ensemble. All together, the cast embodied the fabric of the working class. From Anna Challberg’s ’23 lively depiction of a grocery store checker, to Ethan Lupoff’s ’23 powerful portrayal of an ironworker, audiences were transported into the lives of the characters onstage. An especially distinctive performance came from Evie Mitchell’s ’23, whose beautiful emotional and vocal range illustrated her character’s dedication to their career as a suitcase manufacturer, despite its adversities. 

Gracie Rosen ’23, a trucker in Working, noted how they grew throughout rehearsals. “I’ve definitely improved in acting technique and dancing,” they said, “especially in terms of method and preparing, seeing the character in a well-rounded way, and realizing the whole person.” Moreover, Gracie and fellow performer Kennedy Amos-Henderson ’23 took on the impressive task of being student dance choreographers. In collaboration with Lead Choreographer Yvonne Campbell, they created energetic, animated dance numbers. Gracie adds, “The show is high energy at times, and methodically beautiful at others. It’s a wonderful rollercoaster of an experience that I hope everyone will enjoy as much as I do.”

Indeed, the O’Dowd community definitely enjoyed the performance. “It was such an amazing show that truly was a conversation between the characters and the audience as they shared the stories of their lives,” said audience member Meara McCarthy ’23. Ella Maniatis ’23, another audience member, added, “I found Daphne’s depiction especially impressive. She has such a strong voice that was showcased really well by her role. I think the casting overall suited each actor and their individual talents.” Daphne Bruhmuller ’22 presented the strenuous yet oftentimes forgotten job of being a housewife, and her vocal abilities astonished spectators.

In all, the unity between each cast member, director, and technician shone brilliantly onstage and worked to impactfully tell the overlooked narratives of the working class. O’Dowd’s tremendously talented drama department has once again delivered an exceptional production, for everyone in the community to enjoy.