A New Year of The Crozier

Orelia Oiknine, this year’s Editor-in-Chief, introduces herself and relays her excitement for her new position.


Orelia Oiknine, Editor-in-Chief

My fellow students, I am writing to you to announce that I have the privilege of being named next year’s Editor-in-Chief of The Crozier

As I prepare to take on The Crozier next year, I hope to emulate the diligence and dedication of Sylvie Richards, the former Editor-in-Chief. Her adherence to never staying silent and writing what is needed to be written has made her an inspiring role model to all of us, and I will carry on her values into the next year of the publication. 

A new year comes with new experiences and issues, and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to cover them in The Crozier. I pledge to maintain a newspaper that accurately reflects the Bishop O’Dowd community and does not stay silent in the midst of changes. 

I look forward to working with my fellow senior and assistant Danica Terk as well as welcoming our many new staff members. The Crozier will overflow with fresh content, ideas, and perspectives

My goal is to accurately represent the O’Dowd community, so I urge any student who has the desire to be published or has an idea for a story to reach out to our journalism staff. 

My position as Editor-in-Chief is an honor that I do not take lightly. I look forward to a wonderful year!


Orelia Oiknine