Ezra Sorenson on His Art

Ezra Sorenson on His Art

Hillary Johnson, Contributer

Ezra has been creating art for as long as he can remember. He has always been pretty introverted, which gave him time to spend drawing. During class, he recalls drawing while the teacher was giving lectures to help him focus. Over the years, Ezra has compiled his artwork into sketchbooks, which he has filed for six years. Once a year, Ezra enjoys looking back on them to recall old memories and write notes about the artwork. 

Though he has always been drawn to creating portraits, Ezra enjoys trying to create new media. He bases his art on faces that he makes up in his head, and takes inspiration from music and reference images on the internet. His goal is to convey music through visuals if a song affects him. He wants his audience to feel the same mood as the song makes him feel. Once he creates a sketch, he usually finishes his pieces in acrylic. Over time, Ezra has tried to branch out and try new, harder techniques. 

In November of 2020, Ezra began posting his art on Instagram. Through downloading social media, Ezra has felt a sense of community, where people can meet and connect over art.

Ezra has begun selling art, though he would like to sell more. He believes that if he were to create a career out of selling his art, he would lose passion, due to the increased amount of pressure. He does not want to be forced to create things that other people would like in order to make money. However, he believes that he would enjoy making items such as T-shirts and posters as a side business. 

In the end, Ezra would love to create a larger audience where people can connect to his art, therefore making an impact on people’s lives.