Chicago: The Drama Department’s Latest Masterpiece

Bishop O’Dowd’s latest show Chicago excites and entrances audiences.


Orelia Oiknine, Editor-in-Chief

Set in Cook County, Chicago in the Jazz Age, Chicago is a sensual, satirical musical that depicts the murders committed by several women and the trials that followed them. O’Dowd’s rendition stars Anna Challberg ’23 as Velma Kelly, Tessa Rosen ’22 as Roxie Hart, and Ethan Lupoff ’23 as Billy Flynn. Between the dynamic choreography, powerful vocals, and animated acting, O’Dowd students captivatingly told the stories of their characters. 

The ensemble took on the role of the buzzing reporters of the trials, dedicated to finding the redemption and beauty lying within these murderesses. Their interpretations provided insight into the story-hungry and invasive nature of the press in the 20s. 

Senior Diego Whitehill ’22 who played Amos Hart, shares, “After being so far apart from each other because of COVID, I’m really happy I got to make a connection with underclassmen and my long-time friends. I’m grateful for the theater because of how it’s been able to bring us together.”

Indeed, this unity and community were apparent to the audience. Jack Lauer ’22, audience member, describes the play as, “An incredibly energetic and fun play to watch! The love that our students have for theater, this play, and each other are so obvious throughout Chicago. One of my favorite plays I’ve seen at O’Dowd.”

Chicago provided O’Dowd students with an immersive, exciting way to express themselves creatively. Every student, actor, stagehand, and technician contributed to this electrifying musical. English teacher Lindsey Ashlock tells The Crozier, “This play showcased the remarkable talent and strong voices of so many O’Dowd students. The student actors brought humor, sass, and sparkle to the stage. I loved it and I loved seeing my students bring their gifts to our community.” 

Each student’s commitment to the storytelling of Chicago provided the audience with an enthralling story about corruption, scandal, and show business. Steamy, gripping, and humorous, Chicago is a definite must-see.