This year’s 2022 senior superlatives are finally here!


Avery Forristal, Contributor

Most Changed Since Freshman Year Kayly Kassab

Humanitarian of the Year Claire Kotapish

Most Likely to Have a Zero Carbon Footprint Mollie King

Most Likely to Change the World Selma Louise Apara

Most Likely to Become President Cahal Connolly

Most Likely to be a Jeopardy Contestant Robert Cadenasso

Most Likely to be a (Social Media) Influencer Veila Vera-Henderson

Most Likely to be Published Toby Yegian

Most Likely to Have a Start-Up/Business Jasmine Taylor

Most Likely to be an Inventor/Innovator Felix Moon

Best Person to be Stranded on an Island With Ben Aldrich

Best to Bring Home to Parents Jack Lauer

Best Friends Alden Jacobsen and Ella Andrews

Separated at Birth Chloe Nombre, Grace Navarro, and Michelle Angelica Magalong

Most Likely to be on SNL Declan Wallingford

Most Spirited Gabe Tarantino

Most Involved/Does Everything Mary Lee

Most Informed Sylvie Richards

Most Artistic Colin McMahon

Most Theatrical Diego Whitehill

Most Musically Talented Matthew White

Best Singer Alyssa Street

Best Dancer Zorah Chappel

Most Athletic Katie Senn, Marianne Taner

Best Personality Elyse Brill

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day Olivia Hoffman-Paul

Best Sense of Humor Berch Lake

Most Contagious Laugh Vanessa Ortiz-Pallen

Most Fashionable Munyazi Mwalozi

Most Stylish Hair Gabby Mira