#SurvivingSophia: Woman Scams LA’s Top Celebrities of Millions

Sophia Nur scammed multiple celebrities of 11 million dollars.


Milan Ford, Contributer

The city of Los Angeles houses some of the biggest names in worldwide media, from movie stars to YouTubers. However, recent news revealed that scammers are attempting to take advantage of these high-net-worth individuals.

Sophia Nur, a scammer involved in many illegal practices, has grown viral on the internet. Nur is accused of scamming many Los Angeles celebrities out of over $11 million by masquerading as a victim going through a traumatic experience and soliciting money from them. According to the allegations, hundreds of thousands, if not tens of millions of dollars were allegedly generated through her “scams.” Sophia is accused of defrauding these influencers and celebrities for a total of $11 million, according to numerous tweets and posts on the internet. After Nur’s scam was revealed on November 18th, the hashtag #SurvivingSophia became trending on Twitter. As many people on Twitter began reporting their encounters with her, Sophia Nur has become notorious in the past weeks.

Her scams originated with an attack against a group called the Clubhouse, a popular content house with Los Angeles‘ top influencers.

Sophia Nur also allegedly scammed a woman by claiming her parents had died, according to one internet user. Nur said that she requested more than $4000 to pay for her mother’s funeral. Later on, the victim discovered that Nur had been scamming others in the same way.

Another individual reported having encountered Nur on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nur and the individual struck up a casual conversation about their shared Somali heritage. Nur stated that she had been abandoned by her friends in Los Angeles and had no means of getting back home as the conversation progressed.

Countless celebrities reported befriending Nur then giving her money for her circumstances and their supporters; they refer to this circumstance as their “surviving Sophia.”

Members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, Suzy Antonyan and Jeff Wittek, also took to Twitter to discuss Sophia and their encounters. Wittek admitted that he lent Sophia his credit card because she frequently informed him about being robbed, or being homeless.

She is also said to have claimed that rapper Jack Harlow was infatuated with her, even implying that she was pregnant with a child of his. There is no evidence that Jack Harlow got Sophia Nur pregnant, however. As a result of the growing scandal, Jack’s name was trending on social media, yet he has neglected to make a statement on the situation.

Sophia Nur has been M.I.A on all social media platforms ever since #SurvivingSophia went tending.