The New Bishop O’Dowd Center

A look into O’Dowd’s latest project, The Bishop O’Dowd Center.


Ava Murphy, Contributor

Bishop O’Dowd High School has been planning and designing its new campus project, the Bishop O’Dowd Center, which will very soon become a reality. The school has earned a grant from the Valley Foundation that will help them raise money to complete this project by matching all donations that are made to the O’Dowd Center. The Center requires $36.5 million to build which has almost been met. The architects working on it will begin their construction and design on campus in just around two months.

The school is planning to use land that is surrounding the current campus to build this new Center throughout the next few years. The Center focuses on improving the extracurricular activity facilities. This is mainly due to many extracurricular facilities becoming outgrown, such as the band and drama facilities. This new Center will have a new studio for the various musical programs, along with rehearsal and performance spaces for the drama department. This includes a state-of-the-art black box theater space that will provide an essential area for the students who participate in drama and the arts. The new buildings will allow various extracurricular activities to further grow and advance O’Dowd’s experience.

The Center is also going to have a new athletic performance and rehabilitation lab. There will be a new large gym that will hold triple the seating for all the athletes and fans that come to the school’s sporting events. On top of that, there will be advanced equipment for all the athletes that attend Bishop O’Dowd.

The building will additionally include beautiful classrooms that students and teachers will be able to explore to the fullest.

This new project is focused on providing better spaces for extracurricular activities that students at Bishop O’Dowd thrive in, along with new learning hubs. Everyone in the O’Dowd community should look forward to seeing this new Center begin!