The Drama Department Takes to Zoom

How the Drama Department is adapting to COVID-19.


Bishop O’Dowd’s Once Upon a Mattress

Mary Lee, Editor

Each year, the Bishop O’Dowd community fondly awaits the classic musicals and modern plays that the drama department performs. Along with being one of the most popular extracurriculars, the performers, actors, and writers within the drama department never fail to amaze us with what they bring to the stage! As the coronavirus takes a toll on people’s everyday lives, it can not be any more different within the drama department.

Kai Macapinlac ‘22, who has been in theatre since freshman year, shared the multiple changes within the department, as they adapt to the pandemic.

She described how the drama department put together a new form of production through a Zoom original play. It contains their original scenes, monologues, and choreographed dance numbers. The show will address the main themes of racial justice, the coronavirus pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter movement. As Macapinlac shares, “I think it will definitely be very raw and emotional, seeing as we’re discussing very serious topics that are affecting all of us right now.”

Despite all of the serious topics, there will still be some levity in the show. The production will consist of songs, dance numbers, monologues, scenes, skits, short films, and possibly even some Tik Toks.

As they work diligently to put on a production, their daily after school rehearsals have adjusted as well. Rehearsals have shortened to two hours instead of three, along with a set schedule for certain aspects of the show. Even with rehearsals on Zoom being very rigorous, everyone in the department is extremely flexible and committed to making the experience fun and enjoyable for all of the cast. Kai shared how they continue to play fun theatre games and maintain their accepting, and happy vibe.

The close community in the theatre department is one of the biggest factors that drive these cast members to love what they do. Macapinlac expresses her unconditional love for her cast, stating, “We have this bond as a cast that I don’t really think you truly get when you do sports/debate/etc. I’ve been on sports teams before and nothing will ever compare to the feeling of being on stage at O’Dowd with all my friends.”

Despite extreme circumstances, the new production of the drama department will undoubtedly wow its audience once again.